Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Pearl Award Winner" - Joey Link

I love to say that I am blessed to be part of a great company that attracts so many wonderful people. We are successful across our franchise brands not only for the businesses we’ve established, but also for the countless men and women who deliver their services to customers around the world. That was reinforced in the most profound way with an individual at The Dwyer Group Reunion last week in Indianapolis. Words do not do justice to the Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus and Having Fun in the Process that Joey Link displays every day. This is a man who has faced God’s toughest challenges, and he has persevered in a way that serves as an incredible example to all who surround him. When The Dwyer Group was preparing for the company’s 30th anniversary and reunion, we put out the call across our brands in search of our Pearl Award winners. A special recognition program sponsored by our vendor ReachLocal, the Pearl Award was created to look for the best office representative and the best service representative in our franchise family. Among the many inspirational responses, a nomination for Joey Link showed up. And it was incredible. Despite the hardships of diabetes and infections that have led to hospital stays, surgeries and the loss of limbs you might think are necessary for the job, Joey has been the epitome of determination. Having dealt with the passing of loved ones in his family, he also remains that much stronger to live his life to the fullest. His Aire Serv family, customers, friends and relatives have reaped all the rewards for having a man of that caliber among them. And, I had the pleasure of visiting Joey at Aire Serv of Louisville, Ky., to give him the good news that he was a Pearl Award winner.
Watch the video here:

Joey attended our 30th celebration and reunion to be honored by our entire company. He will also enjoy a cruise vacation, courtesy of The Dwyer Group. If ever there was a man worthy of congratulations, it’s Joey Link. And I’ll be the first one to say that his incredible influence has stretched far beyond the streets of Louisville, Ky. Thank you, Joey! You remind all of us what it means to Live R.I.C.H.

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