Thursday, November 17, 2011

Founders Day

Tomorrow, The Dwyer Group will be celebrating its annual Founder’s Day. We’re remembering the many ways that our late Founder, Don Dwyer Sr., touched our lives this Founder’s Day, as we celebrate his vision now known as The Dwyer Group.

This year, it’s even more special as we mark the 30th anniversary of our company. After three decades of growth and success, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the man who started it all and honor him for his dedication. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in 1981, expanding from Don’s ambitious dreams to where we stand proudly today.

As we reminded our franchise family at The Dwyer Group annual reunion in October, we have experienced amazing growth and significant milestones that are directly attributed to our passionate team members and our Code of Values. Our Code of Values leads us every day to uphold the themes of Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus, and Having Fun in the Process at The Dwyer Group. We devote time to getting away from the office to keep a strong bond with our families. We continually strive to enrich our lives with keeping Don’s dream going every day.

We remember Don’s vision every year on Founder’s Day and will never forget his contributions. Our rich history is dotted with lessons learned, the most important one coming from Don. Because we keep in mind where we started, it gives us clear direction to where we’re going. If it weren’t for Don’s passion and devotion, we wouldn’t be where we are now, 30 years later. Thank you for being a dreamer, Dad.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2011

This Veterans Day, I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to thank all of our veterans of the past, present and the future, and say a prayer for their safety, as they work endlessly for ours. As we find little ways to show our appreciation, we should all remember the sacrifices our courageous women and men in uniform have made for the freedom and peace of this great nation.

So often we forget what this nation stands for and how we came to have the freedom we enjoy today. It’s because of the heroic acts of our members of the military that we are here now. I invite you to take every chance to express your gratitude for their service—each act of appreciation serves as a heartwarming reminder to our service men and women that we care. We should not only remember and thank them on Veterans Day, but every day for their bravery and sacrifices.

The Dwyer Group also plays a part in thanking them by embracing more than 235 veterans among franchise owners as a result of the VetFran program As our franchise network grows across the Dwyer brands, we are proud to be able to support and cherish our veterans each day. Today, The Dwyer Group salutes all veterans as we celebrate and honor them for their great courage and devotion to the liberty of our country.