Thursday, November 5, 2009

Removing the Fog Doesn't Fix the Failure

I’ll explain. Let’s say you have an energy-efficient insulated window in your home, and there is moisture between the two panes of glass. That means a seal failed and the moisture entered with the humid air. You can’t see clearly through the window. The moisture can be removed and the window will look as good as new. But the seal is broken, so the insulation effect is gone. You’re just going to have to keep repairing the window because the moisture will keep coming back. Plus you’re not going to get the insulation savings on your energy bills. You’re wasting money. Sooner or later, you’re going to need a replacement window.

The fog is lifting, it’s being removed. We’ve been in a recession, and now we’re starting to see signs of a recovery. Let’s be optimistic and say the fog is gone in 2010.
That’s why I started this blog - because as a business leader trying to prepare our company for the future, I believe our nation’s economy is like that fogged-up insulated window.
But the window seal will still be broken, and money will be wasted because the insulation still doesn’t work. I believe our economy needs a replacement window, a more permanent solution. Follow along and I’ll let you in on it.