Friday, July 29, 2011

Who Misses Summer Break?

July seems to be the best time of the year (aside from Christmas) to take time off with my family for vacation. The kids are out of school and we are aching for some fun in the sun.

Over the years, I’ve learned several important lessons about how to make the most of your vacation.

Lesson 1 It’s okay – and actually necessary – to really vacate from life’s daily responsibilities like work or chores. Your mind and body need time for fun, rest and rejuvenation and you must be fully engaged to experience these feelings. Your family will really appreciate this engaged time with you. My strategic coach calls these free days, as they are free from any type of work and free to do what you love outside of work.

Lesson 2 - Plan ahead and get all the major items off your to-do list so you won’t spend time fretting over what didn’t get done. Be sure to communicate to your team and customers that you will be gone and whom they can contact if they need help while you’re out. Provide your emergency contact info to the one person you have assigned to handle your business while you are away. Do not call that person; they will call you if they really need you.

Lesson 3 - Go somewhere that the entire family finds enjoyable. We love going to the beach; some of us love to snorkel, fish and swim while others mostly enjoy lying on the beach and reading a good book.

Lesson 4 - Take time to really appreciate your family, friends and surroundings. Basically stop and smell the roses.

Lesson 5 - There are times when the whole family can’t seem to take the same time off. Know that it’s okay to take separate vacations from time to time. It’s better to have some vacations than none.

Live R.I.C.H.