Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today is a monumental day in the history of The Dwyer Group. Majority ownership of the company by TZP Group is officially complete in a transaction that is valued at $150 million. www.dwyergroup.com/press/ Those kind of numbers used to seem like a dream to me. That kind of growth and financial support seemed like the stuff you only read about in The Wall Street Journal – the stuff other companies, bigger companies, announced. As we prepare for 2011 and the 30th anniversary of The Dwyer Group, I am inspired by how far we have come in three decades as a business. And I’m excited about where we are headed as well. Our management team remains in place, our company name shines brighter than ever, our franchise brands are leaders in the service industry, and we are ready to grow to the next level with our new partners at TZP.
At The Dwyer Group, we like to tell people to “Make it a World-Class Day.” Those are inspirational words that motivate us at every turn. For me, they continue to be ambitious words to do something great with your life. At The Dwyer Group, we are making it a world-class day today. And there will be many more like it in the days, weeks and years ahead. I count my blessings this holiday season for being a part of such a wonderful company. And here’s to a very Happy New Year!