Sunday, May 1, 2011

May - National Home Improvement Month

Today marks the beginning of National Home Improvement Month. This May, as in years past, the weather begins to cooperate for those projects around the house that have been neglected. And what originally began as a season to promote the services of professionals within the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has quickly grown into an annual conversation for all kinds of fixes: DIY to licensed contractor and beyond.

Will you finally repair those gutters? Can you install that new water heater now? Is it time to replace those old windows? What about those dirty carpets? Even more daunting is the question – Can you do it alone? Spring suddenly shines a bright light on all those things that could use some sprucing up. And projects big and small begin to creep up the list for your attention. To this I say: “Don’t procrastinate.” What you tackle today in home improvements, you can enjoy that much more tomorrow. And what you can’t fix yourself, you also don’t have to put off forever. You see, while May is National Home Improvement month, I like to think home improvements are a mission we accomplish year-round at The Dwyer Group. We love helping customers improve their homes. It deserves our attention and expertise 24/7 just like our toll-free numbers that customers can call in their time of need.

Thankfully, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary at The Dwyer Group and the 30th anniversary of the Rainbow International brand that started it all, we also celebrate the millions of residential and commercial customers who have come to us for those trusted improvements. For services and repairs, it is the highest compliment to be the valued provider that crosses that front door to serve.

So, here’s to a happy National Home Improvement Month…and every month to come.