Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life After Hurricane Irene

The damage is in the billions. People are without power. Homes have been lost. And we wake each and every day to the reality of entire communities picking up, starting over, making repairs, and moving on. That is life after Hurricane Irene. As we continue to hear stories of the destruction, we at The Dwyer Group also hear about the heroes who are going in and cleaning up. I am so proud that our franchise brands play a role in helping homeowners and business owners get back on their feet. Whether it’s flooded homes, broken windows, electrical problems, plumbing problems or a host of other service calls, our franchisees and their incredible technicians are there to serve. It reinforces the theme we’ve been championing all year during The Dwyer Group’s 30th Anniversary – “Customers First.” Times like these make us appreciate the everyday conveniences we often take for granted: running water, reliable electricity, and the safety and comfort our homes provide from the outside elements. Mother Nature can certainly put that to the test, as she did along the East Coast. And my thanks go out to all of our franchisees and their teams who are working long hours to do what they do so well by putting customers first.