Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time Flies When You're Living R.I.C.H.!

Our great team at The Dwyer Group has been busy making preparations for our Annual Reunion. And this year promises to be extra special, because we will also be honoring The Dwyer Group’s 30th Anniversary with all of our attendees. Binders are coming together. Registrations are piling up. Speakers are preparing their remarks. A lot of celebrating will be on hand this October. In fact, we’ve been so excited for this hallmark anniversary, that I almost overlooked another important anniversary. It has been five years since I introduced the Live R.I.C.H. theme to our Code of Values. Double wow!

I remember getting ready for our 25th Anniversary and The Dwyer Group’s Annual Reunion. I was finishing up my book: Live R.I.C.H.: How to build success in your company and your life with a proven Code of Values. It was printed and shipped just in time for attendees to get a copy at the Annual Reunion. My idea was to give everyone something special for their trip back home – a little dose of the corporate culture we’ve been creating as told by associates, franchisees and family and friends over the years to me. I wanted to inspire people with the kinds of uplifting stories I get to hear every single day as chairwoman and CEO. I wanted to spread our corporate culture to a rapidly expanding franchise network and to promote the themes of Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus, and Having Fun in the Process. The message took hold! Soon I was sharing the book with every new franchisee who joined The Dwyer Group of Companies. I was giving interviews to the media about the importance of ethics in business. I even gave copies to everyone at the International Franchise Association’s annual convention for the year I served as Chairwoman. The book has been through several printings. Well, here we are five years later. It’s another Annual Reunion for The Dwyer Group and another fantastic milestone for our team and our family of franchise brands. Thirty years is an accomplishment all its own. But the last five years have been incredibly special and unique to me. I’ve had a front row seat to see the Live R.I.C.H. theme and our Code of Values propel us even further. Happy Anniversary, indeed!

Dwyer Group Reunion 2010 - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/7807276