Friday, October 28, 2011

"Pearl Award Winner" - Beth Miller

A secret advantage to being the CEO of The Dwyer Group, as I often say, is that I’m also the target customer. I’m the wife, the mom, and the woman of the house who schedules service calls when I need something at home repaired. That’s a special perspective – understanding the customer. Beth Miller, of Mr. Rooter of Sonoma County, knows exactly what I mean. For the nay-sayers who think that plumbing is a man’s job, Beth is the role model in the Mr. Rooter uniform who proves otherwise. I was thrilled to honor Beth as a Pearl Award Winner at 30th Anniversary and Reunion for The Dwyer Group recently. Watch this video about her story to see why:

Like a growing number of women who are entering the service trades and representing our brands, Beth has that special understanding for putting customers first. She has served in every role for Mr. Rooter of Sonoma County, from the field to the front office. Her care and expertise just shine. She inspires those around her and she follows The Dwyer Group Code of Values. And I am personally touched by the example she has set for her daughter. Beth takes pride in her career and shows that women have a place in the trades. Now, as a Pearl Award Winner, she also has a place in our hearts. It was wonderful to recognize her in front of our whole system. And The Dwyer Group is sending her on a cruise vacation to celebrate. Congratulations, Beth, for many, many, many jobs well done.

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